6temik helps companies grow into international markets for enhanced global reach, using efficient operations and secure financing.  We also provide services to international companies and investors who would like smooth market entry in North America.

6temik is the catalyst for your international expansion. Our team of experts integrates with yours, providing turnkey field delivery.


International Strategy
6temik provides you with experts that analyze your needs first, in order to offer effective and feasible international strategies, all while carrying out responsible risk management.

International Support
Our team has the expert know-how and resources to support field work and advise at each stage of international expansion.

International Funding 
We have the support, expertise, and a network of institutional financial partners to find suitable financing and investment solutions.

International Development
We will use our network and experience to expand and develop your international business. Our goal is to significantly increase your market share.


Dynamic company with highly specialized, expert knowledge of international development in manufacturing and services sectors, including a deep experience in aeronautics sector.

Its catalytic action in international business development is coupled with a vast network of business relationships at all levels, including noteworthy influential contacts.

Client Experience
A strong portfolio with relevant, quality and exclusive services offered, and transparency with a very human character of our customer relationships are the foundation of an enriching collaborative experience: leading to concrete solutions without compromise.

An essential factor in supporting international business development with prestigious clients is: guarantee of sound solutions & turnkey field delivery, all while minimizing or mitigating risks.


Our experts have manufacturing & technological knowledge, coupled with understanding of local programs, cultural and commercial aspects.

Strong Network
Anyone can have a network, but 6temik has strong, lasting business relationships that allow us to reach the appropriate level at the appropriate time.

Physical Presence
6temik offers a solid team of experienced professionals on the ground that will support your organization to effectively achieve your international objectives.

Our professionals abide by strict application of confidentiality principles, anti-corruption policies and have a high standard of ethics. We believe this is crucial for any business across the globe.

We work in an integrated manner with teams of our customers and our partners. We believe in the addition of forces and working collaboratively, with full transparency.

Our portfolio includes prestigious clients. We have delivered major successful projects and have received recognition of our efforts, including Wissam Royal du Grand Mérite National, awarded to Ms. Elmallem.


Email:  info@6temik.com
Toll free number : +1 877 316 7786

North America
Address:  2727 Saint-Patrick Suite 102, Montreal, Quebec, H3K 0A8
Phone : +1 514 316 7786
Fax : +1 514 612 0182

Europe, Africa and MiddleEast
Address: 571, Ave Mohammed VI, Immeuble Mathis Bloc A, 2ième étage – Souissi, 10000 Rabat, Morocco
Phone : 0538 00 67 86
Fax : 0538 00 67 71